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 "Stultum Est" is a Latin phrase that means "It is stupid", it's very open to interpretation and can refer to the game, the enemies, or even the player ;). When you play you are put in a procedurally generated level and your only goal is to kill all your enemies before they kill you!

This game may look like "just another shooter", but it has a gameplay changing mechanic that's really cool:

The player can see where all the enemies are because you're in a completely transparent level. However, at the same time, you don't know where are all the walls, the turns etc. and might end up shooting at a transparent wall when you think you're shooting the enemy. You also have a scanner that can make the wall it's pointing at visible (if that wall is within range). But making walls visible also means that you can't see where the enemies are, so you'll have to figure out how to balance your scanning.


  • Fun and satisfying shooting action!
  • Unique level scanning mechanic to spice everything up!
  • Very badly modeled enemies with drones that shoot at you!
  • Procedurally generated levels!


  1. More diverse chunks for procedural generation (second floor?!)
  2. Optimizations:
    1. Gun recoil improvements
    2. Enemy AI improvements
    3. Bug fixes
  3. Game improvements:
    1. Better welcome, die, and win screens
    2. Better models for all guns
    3. POWER-UPS!
  4. More enemy types
  5. More gamemodes

Controls: See tutorial level in-game

Install instructions

Simply unzip the file and play!

BTW I'm only 13 so don't be too harsh in the comments...


StultumEst_Alpha4_Windows.zip 11 MB
StultumEst_Alpha4_Mac.zip 16 MB


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Do something with the enemies to make them look better. After you are done with those, add different backgrounds or something similar :) recommand photoshop or illustrator for the best drawing effects.

Will do ;), thx for the advice!

You can also design more weapons and scatter then all over the place. Do something unique like a throwing axe or bow and hide them somewhere. My personal favorite is bow and arrows, since it's a long-ranged weapon, and unlike bullets, arrows can be reused. In addition, you can stab someone to death using an arrow(choking someone with the string or slicing his throat with the arrow is also possible). Sorry if that sounds brutal xD

Yep, will definitely put things like those on the "to do" list, but currently I'm very busy and might not be able to update until sometime later... :(

I'm glad you liked my ideas! Being a student is definitely not easy. In fact I'm pretty surprised by the fact that you have time to do something awesome like this project.

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Only 13. It's amazing!

So funny game!